ONE 2015 | Our Great Response: Loving God Through Our Obedience | Kari Minter

Not to us, Yahweh, not to us,
but to Your name give glory
because of Your faithful love, because of Your truth.
Psalm 115:1

This past weekend, we were reminded of how much God loves us. We were reminded of His ALWAYS love. The kind of love that never leaves us. Never gives up on us. Never quits us regardless of what we do. 

It is because of that love God lavishes on us that we choose to respond with our life and say, “not to us Lord, but to you and to you only may I give splendor today. Not to my desires, my emotions, my feelings, my job, my family, my kids, but may my actions today give splendor to you.” 

Easier said than done right?! 

Its easier to walk into work and complain about the injustices you face, EVEN THOUGH God states in His Word to rejoice always and to do all things without grumbling and complaining. 

Its easier to worry about finances and get anxious about money EVEN THOUGH God clearly says He is our provider.

Its easier to do whatever we want, when we want, however we want, EVEN THOUGH God tells us to seek first His Kingdom. 

Its easier to live a life that states, “not to you O Lord, but to me and what I want give splendor today.”

“Easier” soon becomes this idol we worship that keeps us from walking in freedom with God. Easier steals the knowledge and truth about how much God loves us, takes care of us, provides for us, and can be trusted. 

In Psalm 115, we see Israel respond to the world craving the easier life when they remind us:

Our God is in heaven
and does whatever He pleases.

They understood God’s faithfulness and love. They understood God is the ONLY God in heaven who can look down on ALL of creation, who loves all of creation, and does what is right for all of creation. They understood God could be trusted even though life was not easy.

Do you?

Today, look at your schedule and find a time during the day when you are tempted to idolize “easier” and say “Not to you Lord, but to me and my desires be given splendor”.

Identify that spot in your schedule and decide right now that today you will give splendor to God during those moments. But it will take some effort to change those moments or thoughts into a way to give glory to God. It doesn’t just happen because you want it to. Maybe you need to listen to worship music, quote scripture, list out how God has shown His love to you, recite things you are thankful for, or spend time in the Word during those moments. Maybe you need to take out some activities and put in other activities. Maybe you just need to be still for a few minutes and listen to God. Maybe you need to quit being still so much and start being active for God.

The type of response is between you and God. But there must be a response.

Today, I pray for all of us that we walk through our day identifying where we tend to give glory to our own self, confess and repent of that, and ask the Lord to show us how to truly say “because of your steadfast love and faithfulness to me Lord, I want my actions, thoughts, and life to clearly give you and you only glory.”

Resources for you as you begin to respond to God: (a free website that allows you to journal and pray through scripture.) (you can search keywords to help you find scripture to memorize and meditate on)

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