Words From A Friend

Rachel is a great friend of 1229 Ministries. She shared these words with us in reflection of ONE 2015 and in anticipation of another great conference in April.


"Thank you 1229 Ministries for your effort put into the One conference. It was so refreshing to be at a women's event where the ONE focus was on ONE life, ONE love, and ONE passion lived out as we follow Jesus Christ. God used the event to break me free from holding onto bitterness, which had grown in my heart after the death of our child. As my empty, and open, hands were raised before my ONE Lord Jesus Christ, peace entered my heart. I'm grateful for the work you are doing to encourage women to love Jesus. You are bringing in speakers who cut through the "fluff" of life and point ladies to Jesus Christ, the mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What you are seeking to accomplish, in this day and age, is no small task and God greatly blessed your efforts as evidenced last year through the worship and solid Biblical teaching clearly presented to the ladies who were blessed to attend."

Would YOU join us and see what God will do in your life, with your worship, and through your time spent with Him?