Why ONE?

I have a lot of busy friends. I have professional friends, mom friends, retired friends. I have single friends and married friends. I have friends who work long hours in an office and friends who work long hours at home. I have friends who, much like me fall into bed at the end of every day and wonder, "What did I even do today?"

All of these friends of mine have a few things in common with me.
They are women.
They have lots going on in their own lives.
They need Jesus.

They need Jesus to ignite in them ONE life, ONE love, ONE passion for His name.

We need Jesus to come in and transform our day to day lives. We need Jesus to influence our work, our home, our busyness. We desperately need Jesus to renew us and give us a fresh passion for Him. We need Him to be our first love. We need Him to breathe life into every part of who we are.

April 10-12, 2015 women from all over Iowa will gather in West Des Moines, Iowa, for ONE. This conference was birthed out of a vision to see women choosing to focus on God and His love for us through Christ, rather than on the many things in life that distract us and draw our attention away from Him. 

Join us.

mandy stenberg